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In the first half, author and Nostradamus expert John Hogue returned to update his prophecy alarm. As we entered the Aquarian Age starting around 2020, we began seeing the policy of centralization unraveling, with this new era more focused on individual sovereignty rather than being "sheeple," he suggested. Only through sovereign individuals can we understand our true sense of community and go beyond the masses ruled by a few elites, Hogue continued. Astrologically, he foresees that starting in 2026, we'll see changes from the influences of Pluto moving out of oppositions and squares that will lead to more harmonious developments in America. Discussing his study of the writings of the 16th-century seer Nostradamus, he revealed that his prophecies go around 1800 years into the future to 3797 AD, and some of his quatrains may even reference thousands of years past that.

Regarding the 2024 presidential election, Hogue does not believe that Pres. Biden will be a candidate. It's possible that Gavin Newsom will run, but "he's not the greatest choice because of his conflicted Mars," he remarked, adding that he thinks Robert Kennedy Jr. is one of the most viable candidates and could run a strong campaign under a third party, attracting both Democrat and Republican voters. The era of the United States being a hegemonic world power is coming to an end, but Hogue views this as a "blessing in disguise" for America; with the rise of the BRICS nations bringing an alternative to the dollar, the US will no longer have to play policeman for the world. In the 2030s, he noted that astrological signs present during the French and American Revolutions will be returning.


Allen Greenfield is a ceremonial magician, UFO researcher, writer, and editor. In the latter half, he was joined by arcane explorer and researcher Olav Phillips to disclose details about the Black Lodge, a sinister secret society that engages in dark occult practices and dates back to antiquity. This group was talked about in occult circles up till around 1920, and then things went largely silent about them, said Greenfield, who added that a number of writers and publishers who attempted to expose them had been targeted or met with sudden deaths. The Black Lodge is a name he uses to describe the group rather than a specific location, and it's run by fallen angels or demons, whose intent is to enslave or destroy the human race, such as through a nuclear conflagration, Greenfield continued.

Phillips characterized the Black Lodge as the opposite of lightworkers-- magicians of the darkness that function like terrorist cells and sometimes infiltrate larger groups. As Phillips was working on their book about the Black Lodge, someone very close to him almost died, and he attributed this to the malevolent occult group as punishment for writing about them. Interestingly, David Lynch used the metaphor of the Black Lodge in his TV series "Twin Peaks," and may have inside information about the group, Greenfield speculated. He also connected aspects of the Black Lodge to UFOs and the CIA.

During the last half-hour, a replay from 2011 with author Brad Steiger discussing alien mysteries was featured. 

News segment guests: Charles Coppes, John M. Curtis

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