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Space Updates / Reincarnation & Animals

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In the first half, science journalist and historian Robert Zimmerman discussed the latest space news, including developments with SpaceX. With an extraordinary record of successful rocket launches, SpaceX is now working on their Starship-- a Super Heavy Launch Vehicle that could improve on NASA's Saturn V rocket and be used to carry crews. However, US governmental regulations have been holding back progress on the Starship, Zimmerman reported. Another private space company, Blue Origin, has really fallen behind compared to SpaceX, even though it's equally well-funded, he remarked. China's government-run space program has been a success, he continued, with a variety of rockets, and a new space station in the works.

Regarding the latest explorations on Mars with the rovers, Curiosity is investigating Gale Crater, a somewhat mountainous region, while Perseverance has been drilling for core samples. The Ingenuity helicopter flies alongside Perseverance and has now completed 61 flights-- much more than originally expected, he enthused. What we've learned in the last decade is that Mars is not a desert planet and that water won't be difficult to find there-- it's just that it's frozen. Zimmerman also talked about his book "Conscious Choice," which looks at ideas around the colonization of space by analyzing what happened with the British colonies of North America.


Writer and researcher on spiritual subjects, David Barreto has studied astrophysics through the Australian National University. In the latter half, he revealed how reincarnation and karma work in the animal kingdom, as well as offered an analysis of ghosts, spirits, and spiritual evolution. "Ghosts," he said, "are not spirits, and they are not souls; they are what we can call a thought form." We could think of ghosts like spiritual holograms, and they exist on the astral plane rather than the physical plane, and typically it's only clairvoyant people who can see them, he continued. After people die, they go on to spiritual colonies and learn to detach from worldly energies, and perhaps plan another reincarnation, he outlined.

Animals have a natural intelligence and generally do not accrue karma like humans do, as they act more instinctually. In the animal kingdom, creatures have different forms of reincarnation and migration. However, complex mammals reincarnate similarly to humans in a process of spiritual progression, he detailed. After a domestic dog or cat dies, they may not realize they've passed initially and remain in your house before going on to a spiritual colony. Barreto has written that dogs have a large electromagnetic field that helps them to love unconditionally, and this nourishes the etheric bodies of those near them, while cats are able to detect subtle disharmonies and conduct etheric filtration.

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