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Beatlemania / Open Lines

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The Beatles' North American tours turned the entertainment business on its ear and forever changed the landscape of the concert touring industry. In February 1964, after finally achieving a number-one hit in America, the Fab Four came to the country with high hopes, performing on the wildly popular Ed Sullivan Show in both New York City and Miami and playing concerts at Carnegie Hall and the Washington Coliseum. Beatles expert Chuck Gunderson joined guest host Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss the music and the madness that characterized the Beatles' historic U.S. tours.

Gunderson spoke about the band's natural progression and adaptability as they transitioned from small venues in Liverpool to larger stages around the UK and, ultimately, the United States. He praised the Beatles' professionalism and willingness to take on challenges, noting their exceptional ability to adjust to the ever-growing crowds and intense schedules, which allowed them to succeed during the tour. The Beatles' journey, though somewhat haphazardly planned, covered a vast distance and exposed them to a diverse American landscape, he added.

Various opening acts accompanied the Beatles during their tour, he continued, pointing out the challenge these acts faced while performing. He highlighted The Righteous Brothers, Bill Black's Combo, Jackie DeShannon, The Exciters, and Clarence "Frogman" Henry, among others. These acts had to perform in front of passionate Beatles fans, who were eagerly awaiting the main attraction. Despite the crowd's impatience, these opening acts persevered and played their slots, contributing to the overall Beatles concert experience.

Gunderson delved into the details of the Beatles' performance contracts, revealing that their requirements were quite simple compared to modern concert demands. "The only demands that the Beatles wanted were... clean towels, mirrors in the dressing room, a portable TV set, and two cases of soda pop," he reported. The contracts were rudimentary, reflecting the nascent state of the rock and roll touring industry in 1964, which was being established on the fly. Gunderson also detailed the Beatles chaotic experiences with fans, their setlist from the tours, and rare memorabilia from that era.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Pete from Charlotte, North Carolina, shared his experience attending a Beatles concert in 1964. He described being in the audience at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, where the Beatles appeared as tiny figures on stage due to their distance. Pete mentioned the excitement and enthusiasm of the fans, emphasizing that the atmosphere at concerts during the "British Invasion" era was unparalleled. He also touched on his appreciation for modern Japanese girl groups and urged people to check them out.

Conrnelius phoned in to describe a demonic attack that occurred during a council meeting in Alexandria, Louisiana. Cornelius suggested dark forces are working against people as we approach the last days. He referenced the war in Israel and the potential for people to take the mark of the beast. He expressed concern about technology being used to manipulate people into accepting this mark and losing their souls. Cornelius also mentioned his experiences with electronics malfunctioning and other unusual events since the passing of his father.

Joe in Monterey, California, discussed how individuals who explore occult knowledge or engage in spiritual practices can create an energetic environment that attracts various entities. He emphasized that heightened intuition and spiritual practices can enable people to sense the presence of others before their physical arrival. Joe also described an encounter with a person claiming to be transforming into a Palladian, expressing concerns about the potential involvement of negative extraterrestrials.

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