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Michael and Robin Mastro are highly regarded practitioners of Vastu Shastra in North America. Vastu, known as "yoga for the home," originated in India 7,000-10,000 years ago, and comes from the same wisdom texts as yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda. They joined Lisa Garr (email) to highlight the importance of creating a harmonious environment in which one can thrive by understanding and utilizing the principles of Vastu as well as altars and specific frequencies to positively influence energy flow in homes and workplaces.

Robin discussed the use of altars and their significance in various cultures. "Altars are like sacred bridges, connecting our physical space with the unseen forces that shape our lives," she said. They can be set up to address specific issues in a workspace or home, promoting harmony, creativity, and productivity, she continued. The placement of elements on the altar, representing different directions and elements, is crucial for creating a microcosm of the universe in perfect order, Robin added. She emphasized the importance of intention and ceremony when setting up altars, allowing individuals to connect with the divine and manifest their desires.

Michael provided his insights into removing unwanted energy or negative forces from a space. According to Michael, the key is to introduce a frequency that represents harmony and balance, using elements like music, intention, or specific yantras (energy machines). "The frequency of harmony, like a gentle breeze, can supersede negative energies, creating an atmosphere that supports our well-being," he said. Michael revealed how specific elements should be placed in different directions to achieve balance in various aspects of life. He provided examples of correcting imbalances, such as placing water in the northeast for financial growth or using a candle in the southeast for vital energy. Michael also discussed using mantras to clear energy, especially in cases of someone passing away in a house or if a space feels haunted.


In the latter half of the program, Derek Rydall, world expert on the revolutionary Law of Emergence, explained how advances in artificial intelligence (AI) can create a leap in human evolution. Rydall expressed a lifelong fascination with technology, transitioning from computers to an interest in the brain and eventually the mind. He shared experiences of spiritual openings and near-death encounters, leading to a profound realization of a greater mind or soul. Rydall claimed to have received a prophetic message during meditation, urging him to "build the ark" as a warning of a world-changing event, possibly related to AI. He emphasized the rapid and transformative impact of technological advancements, comparing it to the Industrial Revolution but suggesting that the current changes will occur much faster.

Rydall highlighted the urgency to address the dangers and concerns associated with AI, asserting the need for regulation. He proposed that, like previous historical shifts, individuals may have little power over external changes. According to Rydall, there is an opportunity for a quantum leap in human evolution, something he referred to as "Human 2.0," where individuals can activate their deeper potential and thrive in the face of challenges. Regarding potential risks of AI thinking for individuals, he noted how algorithms are already influencing decision-making, affecting people's thoughts and emotions. Rydall cautioned listeners to "reclaim dominion over our own attention and our own mind."

He touched on the historical resistance to technological revolutions, drawing parallels between past movements and the current skepticism surrounding AI. Rydall argued that resistance to AI is necessary but acknowledges that the process is already underway. He advocated for questioning the narratives within one's own mind and taking back control from unconscious programming. Rydall also spoke on hacking one's own mind, reclaiming agency, and navigating the challenges posed by AI through self-awareness and intentional programming.

Rydall provided a link to FREE "HUMAN 2.0" TRAININGS, which he says can lay the foundation to survive and thrive through the AI revolution and beyond.

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