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Neale Donald Walsch is a modern-day spiritual messenger whose work has touched the lives of millions. He has written over 40 books on contemporary spirituality. In the first half, he spoke about his latest work on direct communication with the divine. He recounted how during a low ebb in his life, he started writing questions to God, and then he heard God's voice answering his queries, which was instrumental in turning his situation around. One of the first messages he heard was that "all things are one thing...and all things are part of the one thing there is," which he understood to mean that he and God were one. God further told him, "You are a spiritual entity called a soul, and the soul that you are has been with me from the beginning."

Walsch outlined various steps on how we can experience communication with God or our higher power. We don't have to be a holy or sacred person to do so, he noted, but just have the willingness to receive such messages. We have to look all around us "because God is talking to us in a million different ways across a thousand moments in every lifetime," he continued. Additionally, Walsch indicated that we should be accepting – "that is, we don't reject what we're hearing" or assume it's our imagination or a coincidence. "When you get the wisdom of the divine, you will know that's what it is," he said.


With a Ph.D. in metaphysics and a lifetime of bizarre experiences, award-winning psychic Dr. Linda Salvin works to reconcile the psychic and spiritual world with the scientific. In the latter half, she discussed her psychic journey, afterlife communication, and spiritual growth. A number of years ago, Salvin said she had a near-death experience in a plane crash that led to her acquiring psychic and clairvoyant abilities. Years after that, she had surgeries to have many small tumors removed from her body. She believes these growths developed as a result of her healing sessions with clients, and the negative energy from them transferring over to her body.

Salvin offered tips for separating genuine mediums from the charlatans. For instance, in terms of contacting a departed spirit, it's usually a 30-45 day wait after they've died, she stated, in order to allow for them to adjust to the Other Side. The level of spiritual growth in our current lifetimes will determine how quickly one ascends to the next realm, she explained. Salvin also talked about curses, which she suggested can be inherited from a past life or from ancestors, as well as her work with candle magic, which she first learned about from the late Evelyn Paglini. During the last hour, she gave readings for callers.

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