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Enigmatic Explorations / UAP Update

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Acclaimed journalist Douglas Preston has traveled the world researching his unusual subjects, exploring and chasing adventures. In the first half, he shared true stories about buried treasure, enigmatic murders, lost tombs, bizarre crimes, and other fascinating tales. He detailed the 1995 discovery of a new tomb in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt, next to King Tut. The tomb turned out to be the largest in the Valley of the Kings and was built by Ramses II for fifty of his sons who predeceased him. Preston was part of the team exploring the tomb, which has over 120 burial chambers. He saw an area with a hollow floor, indicating a large hidden chamber underneath that has remained sealed and never been robbed. "It's going to be incredible what they find" when they eventually open it up, he remarked.

Preston delved into his investigation of the "Monster of Florence," a serial killer who, over nearly 20 years, targeted lovers parked in their cars. Preston had moved to a location in Italy near where the killings occurred and teamed up with an Italian journalist to investigate the gruesome incidents. He also recounted his daring expedition to an ancient lost city in the Honduran jungle with many pyramids and relics. He and the team were told the city was cursed, and indeed, many of them came down with a dreadful parasitic disease called leishmaniasis that can eat away at a person's face. Preston also touched on the Oak Island mystery in Nova Scotia. He believes the possible buried treasure may have been left by Spanish treasure fleets as they traveled between the New World and their home country.


In the latter half, attorney Nancy du Tertre, known as the "Skeptical Psychic," discussed her latest research into UFOs and her impressions from the recent Paris Echo UAP conference, which featured Jacques Vallee, Chris Mellon, and Avi Loeb. Mellon's presentation explored possible means of interstellar travel that might explain how UAPs suddenly appear in our airspace, such as by using warp drives that can contract the space in front of the craft and expand space behind it. While people from the military or intelligence world like Mellon look at a possible national security threat when it comes to UAP, du Tertre has concluded that the phenomena, generally speaking, does not pose a danger to us.

She was particularly impressed with a talk at the conference given by French physicist Philippe Guillemant, who theorized that UFOs could move without propulsion by making use of flexible spacetime or a kind of retro-causality. Such concepts are linked more to the idea of consciousness rather than material components and evidence of thermal and plasma signatures, she noted. Du Tertre also touched on her work with remote viewing, and a technique she developed called TSP, which she's been teaching for about eight years. Her technique incorporates synchronicities and ways to overcome knowledge biases related to the "front-loading" of a given target.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Catherine Austin Fitts

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