UAP Disclosure / Channeling the Sirians

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UAP Disclosure / Channeling the Sirians

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Author of numerous bestsellers, Whitley Strieber has been a supporter of alternative concepts through his website Unknown Country. An expert in such mysteries as cattle mutilations, crop circles, the afterlife, and aliens, in the first half, he discussed close encounters, UFO disclosure, and related subjects. He reported on problems passing the Schumer amendment in Congress, which would create a reliable system of UFO disclosure. Politicians from both sides of the fence have been pushing for disclosure, but the Pentagon has been dragging on it, and Lockheed Martin's efforts behind the scenes have also stalled the effort, he commented.

The US government is hiding biology and crashed discs, Strieber maintained, and pilots have suffered brain damage in encounters with UFOs in ways that are similar to Havana syndrome, he added. If the Havana syndrome attacks are being done by a foreign adversary, could they have back-engineered the technology from the alien "visitors?" he pondered. Strieber described recently attending the Sol Foundation UAP conference, organized by Stanford's Dr. Garry Nolan. There were presentations on how religious groups will handle disclosure. While there, he had a discussion about UFO sighting databases, which he thought would be interesting to correlate with close encounter reports. 


Author and researcher Patricia Cori has channeled a group of three discarnate beings known as the Sirian High Council for the past 25 years. In the latter half, she talked about how their teachings can help humanity as we merge into the "4th dimension" or 4D. In 1996, while visiting a crop circle in England, she had an out-of-body experience that proved to be a transformational awakening. At this time, she began to receive messages from the Sirians, a group of interdimensional light beings that hail from the Sirius star system. "Usually, I get a wake-up call at four in the morning, and it sounds like energy or crackling. And then I sit down, and out comes the information," she said of the channeling process.

The Sirians have told her that humans aren't quite ready to move into 4D, which involves a huge shift in time awareness and a dissolving of the space-time continuum. According to the Sirians, in the 4th Dimension, all events and deeds throughout civilization are simultaneous. Cori expressed concerns that the scientific community has run amok with physics projects like CERN that may affect the "celestial work" that has protected our planet. For instance, since the Large Hadron Collider at CERN has been operational, a crack in the magnetosphere of the Earth has been registered, and solar wind came in through this crack, she cautioned. Cori also sounded a warning note about how AI-driven evolution could lead to a potential enslavement of humanity.

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