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Sedona UFOs

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UFO tour guide and investigator Melinda Leslie joined guest Connie Willis (info) to discuss UFO sightings and high strangeness in Sedona, Arizona, and her analysis of what is happening. According to Leslie, sightings are a regular occurrence in the area with objects changing direction, forming structures, flashing lights, and responding to signals. However, something changed around the end of September. Instead of the usual sightings that occurred early in the tour, a new phenomenon emerged during the night. Moving amber lights began appearing behind the hills and in the sky, she reported, noting this activity persisted for several weeks.

These sightings were not solely witnessed by tourists but also by locals, researchers, and individuals with military and intelligence backgrounds, Leslie continued. She highlighted the abruptness and uniqueness of these events, pointing out that individuals who had been on numerous tours in the area had never encountered such occurrences before. "We're seeing stuff that we've never seen before, and it's just phenomenal," Leslie said.

Regarding possible explanations for this and other phenomena in the area, Leslie presented a few scenarios. First, the sightings could involve extraterrestrial craft operating in conjunction with a significant covert military presence. She speculated about a deep underground military base in the region and possible collaboration between humans and ETs. Another theory suggests humans may be in possession of ET craft. Last, Leslie posited that reverse-engineered technology may be responsible for these sightings. This implies that humans possess advanced technology capable of disappearing into space and reappearing, accounting for the numerous nightly sightings.

The final hour of the program was devoted to Open lines.

Note: Ian Punnett's guest Gary Astridge will appear at a later date.

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