Predictions for 2024

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Predictions for 2024

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In our special New Year's night show, four separate guests presented their predictions for 2024 and gave readings for callers. Psychic Joseph Jacobs kicked off the program with his outlook for the new year. He sees the situation getting a little better for Ukraine after March 21st, though Russia is planning a lot of cyber attacks. China turns a corner in September and becomes more competitive, he suggested. According to Jacobs, the toughest months of the new year will be January (includes a cycle of earth changes), April (uncertainty and confusion), August (weather problems and health issues), and October (disappointments and losses). While global warming will continue to be a concern, he sees the economy looking good and improving for the next two years. Donald Trump will be going through a "heavy emotional time" that could affect his health from January 9th to March 2nd, he added.

Founder of the Palmistry Institute in L.A. Vernon Mahabal appeared in the second hour. Regarding US politics, he believes Donald Trump will definitively be the Republican nominee, while he sees Pres. Biden possibly leaving office before the end of his term and being replaced by Gavin Newsom, with a potential controversial postponement of the election. Mahabal suggested that crime will rise in 2024 and that local communities will need to police themselves. The conflict with Israel and Gaza may settle down a bit by June or July, he said, though he's concerned a battle between India and Pakistan could lead to a world war.

Next up, astrologer Mark Lerner offered insights related to planetary alignments and the upcoming solar eclipse on April 8th. This event is considered special because there won't be another total eclipse for twenty years, as well as the sun and moon's alignment to Chiron, a planetoid in the outer solar system. Chiron, he noted, is connected to such things as ETs, UFOs, and the Great Pyramid. America will have three 'Chiron returns'-- April 21st, November 7th (two days after the election), and one next February, "so we're going to have crises and challenges...but also breakthroughs," he said, as well increased UFO activity or revelations. In 2024, we're going to face different threats, "but somehow, this Chiron force is really important about healing," he added.

In the last hour, psychic and spiritual teacher Vincent Genna, who said that his spirit guide is "Joseph from Canaan," shared various insights and forecasts. This year will be a turbulent time for the Earth, he stated, with more than average earthquakes and volcanoes, including a tsunami in Asia. Genna believes that this active period of storms and fires is related to human-caused turmoil on the planet, such as gun violence and war zones. He foresees the conflicts between Ukraine and Russia, and Israel and Hamas continuing in 2024, "A lot of what happens in the external world is what's happening in our internal world," he explained, so we should ramp up our positivity and turn to our higher consciousness, which will help change the outer world.

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