Feng Shui / Overcoming Energetic Attachments

Hosted byLisa Garr

Feng Shui  / Overcoming Energetic Attachments

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Rooted in ancient Chinese culture, Feng Shui is a system that teaches people how to arrange their living space to attract health, wealth, happiness, and good energy. Feng Shui expert Marie Diamond joined guest host Lisa Garr (email) to talk about Feng Shui, how it influences people, and tips for adjusting certain rooms. Diamond emphasized the importance of traditions during the New Year and shared her personal practices. She believes in clearing and auditing belongings to organize and make room for new opportunities in the coming year. She suggested creating a vision board, highlighting its effectiveness in manifesting desires.

Diamond described Feng Shui as the flow of energy connected to instinctive feelings people have in certain places. She elaborated on its history, relating it to ancient practices focusing on health, location, and interior settings affecting mindset. Diamond likened Feng Shui to a three-dimensional vision board influencing individuals subconsciously. Regarding clutter, she noted its impact on personal energy fields. Clutter disrupts peace and calmness, affecting an individual's mindset and feelings, she explained.

Diamond shared her personal journey into Feng Shui, attributing her interest to a near-death experience and subsequent mentorship. She offered practical Feng Shui tips for specific rooms, suggesting neutral tones in the bedroom to encourage peaceful energy. She advised adjusting office colors based on directions for increased productivity. Diamond also mentioned a free app using personalized energy numbers to guide Feng Shui adjustments.


Life coach Richard Wagner shared a his personal journey growing up with spiritual experiences, including encounters with spirits, notably his grandfather's spirit at eight years old. These encounters were initially terrifying, leading him to reject and repel these experiences out of fear. Wagner's perspective shifted dramatically after a near-death experience from a motorcycle accident, which significantly altered his outlook on life and instilled a belief in purpose and the interconnectedness of energetic beings.

Wagner touched on neuroscience and the brain's role in processing energies. He delved into cases of clients dealing with addiction, pain, and depression, attributing some of these issues to external energies or entities attaching themselves to individuals. Wagner revealed how he helps clients overcome such challenges by identifying and addressing these energetic attachments, emphasizing the importance of self-acceptance and acknowledging one's inner strength.

Wagner discusses entities and energies and how they can affect individuals differently, from creating depressive thoughts to encouraging self-destructive behavior. He highlighted instances where individuals misinterpreted spiritual energies as negative, leading to depressive tendencies or suicidal thoughts. Wagner shed light on how departed loved ones might attempt to communicate or remain close to those left behind, potentially causing confusion or distress in their attempts to connect. He also advocated for intention-setting, gratitude practices, and focusing on accomplishments to shift attention away from negative energies or entities.