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UFO Crash Retrieval / ET Contacts

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In the first half, civil rights attorney Daniel Sheehan updated his work on UFO disclosure efforts, and the compelling evidence that the US military and the Defense Dept. have recovered more than one crashed UFO, and they've been deconstructing and back-engineering the technology. He described how, in 1977, while serving as Special Counsel for a congressional research investigation, he was given access to classified portions of Project Blue Book and first saw photographs of crash retrieval activities from the Air Force. The craft in one photo was a classic saucer-shape, about 50 ft. wide, with a dome on the top with symbols at its base. The ship was covered in snow and lodged in an embankment as various military personnel examined it, he detailed.

More than 40 whistleblowers are lined up to testify under oath at upcoming Senate Intelligence hearings, he said, sharing their "first-hand knowledge about the possession of these UFO, non-human spacecraft and biological evidence of the species that are piloting them." There's just a small minority of representatives on the House side, specifically, "who are in the pocket of the aerospace industry...and want to keep this secret," because the aerospace companies stand to make "trillions" by trademarking the technology and possibly using it for deadly advanced weaponry, he commented. For people who want to get involved in the UFO disclosure process, Sheehan recommended they visit his New Paradigm Institute, which supports public hearings and full transparency around the issue.


After a fateful extraterrestrial contact experience a few years ago, Debbie Solaris says she awakened to her true star lineage and higher calling. In the latter half, she discussed her contact with different star races, including the Arcturians, and her ability to read the Akashic records. In her first contact experience, she found herself in an ET starship that seemed to be composed of a plasma light material that had a kind of sentient energy. The beings she encountered there were different from the 'Greys,' as they had bright auras and were around five ft. tall, she recounted. Telepathically, the beings informed her they were responding to her earlier prayer about trying to help Earth, and that she was actually part of their soul family, "an Arcturian soul that chose to incarnate in a human body."

Her involvement with the Akashic records (a compendium of all events, including past and future lives) evolved after her ET encounters. Solaris said that a group of higher dimensional beings known as the Keepers manage the records, and she sometimes interacts with them during her Akashic readings. She has seen different potential timelines for planet Earth via the Akashic records. One scenario was a beautiful ascension of humanity into the fifth dimension. "People were living in smaller communities...telepathically connected with each other; teleporting ourselves energetically to different locations on the planet. And there wasn't a need for external energy sources," she stated. There are going to be massive changes in the next few years, she continued, adding that between 2028 and 2032, the ET presence will become common knowledge on the planet. During the last hour, she gave Akashic readings for callers.

News segment guests: Charles R. Smith, Sandra Champlain


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