War with China / Red Heifer Prophecy

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War with China / Red Heifer Prophecy

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In the first half, technologist and author Sean Patrick Hazlett drew on his experience as a former US Army Captain to discuss the ramifications and consequences of what a war with China might entail and the current military/geopolitical situation. He believes the biggest potential hotspot in 2024 will be China trying to take Taiwan back. There have been recent reports of Chinese spy balloons hovering over sensitive spots on Taiwan's main island, he noted, and China may feel the timing is right to make a move while the US is running low on munitions and distracted with the conflicts in Ukraine and Israel. If China were to launch a takeover attempt this year, the most likely timing would be April or May because of weather and sea issues, he continued.

Hazlett has concluded that America will likely get involved in such a conflict because Taiwan produces 60% of the world's semiconductors and over 90% of the most advanced ones, and it would take the US five years to retool and rebuild manufacturing plants. Outlining how China would approach its takeover of Taiwan, he said it would start as a military exercise that unfolds into a blockade. Taiwan would be particularly vulnerable as it imports nearly 97% of its energy. Then, China might engage in a kind of false flag ruse that would lead to their beginning a military response; this, in turn, would bring US aircraft carrier battle groups to the region, and then China would likely launch a cyber attack against parts of the US, he detailed. Hazlett then foresees China trying to seize approximately 20 key Taiwanese beaches and landings before the US has a chance to reinforce them. He also talked about remote viewing predictions of the future, including Lyn Buchanan's viewing of 2020-2040, in which he saw a series of man-made disasters (like weather weapons) that greatly reduce the population, and the Future Forecasting Group that sees a major cyberattack possibly in April 2024.


Byron Stinson was asked by Jewish rabbis and friends to help find a pure, spotless red cow in Texas and send it to Israel, in order to help fulfill prophecy. In the latter half, he discussed his efforts to carry out this mission, along with his interpretation of biblical prophecy of end times. "When the children of Israel came out of Egypt, they were commanded before they can worship Him in the tabernacle...to bring this red heifer and to burn it to ashes. Then you mix the ashes into water for purification," he explained. The cow has to be completely red with no blemishes, according to the biblical command in Numbers 19, he added.

In 2021, he found more than seven pure red cows, and rabbis came from Israel to do an inspection. The cost of sending five cows on a flight to Israel was $220,000, but his team raised the funds, and they had a celebration of their arrival in September 2022. Stinson, who has a second home in Jerusalem, said a ceremony with a red heifer is planned at the Mount of Olives, where they purchased a special piece of land for the ritual. It could happen in March of this year, he noted. After the ashes are created, you mix them with "the living spring water from the Gihon Spring," and you could make millions of gallons from this that can be sprinkled everywhere. What the Bible says this water does is to "bring us back to a higher level, away from death toward life spiritually," he said.

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