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Guardian Angel Messages / Animal Reiki Healing

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Author and speaker Tom T. Moore has a telepathic connection with guardian angels. In the first half, he shared the latest telepathic messages he's received for 2024 and beyond, and how people can tap into the angelic realm using meditation techniques. His meditative practice includes breathing in through his nose and out through his mouth and surrounding himself with a protective bubble of light. According to Moore, the pineal gland acts as a kind of telepathic antenna. Further, everyone has their own guardian angel, which he characterized as a being of golden light. He was told that the war in Ukraine will be winding down in the next few months, but unfortunately, the conflict in Israel and the Middle East will widen.

Moore delved into the topic of an ancient cosmic war involving various alien races, including the Reptilians, that lasted for 270,000 years. The Reptilians, he said, came from another galaxy and started taking over various planets, which triggered the war. Moore said he was informed that humanity has another 7,000 years on the planet, and things will be getting much more benevolent along the way. "By the end of this century, there will hardly be any wars," he added. He also revealed that he and his family will soon visit a three-mile-wide mothership from the Sirius star system, and he plans to document the trip. The craft, he claimed, will be cloaked 50 miles up in our atmosphere when he makes the journey.


In the latter half, author and psychotherapist Dr. Laurie Nadel discussed her most recent work on using Reiki to help animals and pet owners deal with trauma, illness, and end-of-life issues. While Reiki is typically thought of as in-person energy work, she has been able to adapt the therapy remotely by looking at a photo of a specific animal. "The feedback that I get from the animals, human parent, or companion is that even though I may be sitting in...another city, or from another state, they will let me know how the animals responded during that it really is a very pure form of energy healing," she remarked.

Nadel described one case of using Reiki healing/meditation remotely on a woman's very ill cat in Istanbul, where the vet had said there was nothing more they could do. She entered a state of quiet stillness to connect with the essence or soul of the creature, and the cat conveyed through images and a few words that she was a fighter and loved her human very much. The cat ended up living for another year and a half, Nadel noted. She explained the "let animals lead" Reiki approach, which acknowledges the animal's sentience, and lets them decide if the healing is right for them. For further information, visit

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