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AI & World 3.0 / Sound Healing

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Matthew James Bailey operates at the intersection of innovation and leading-edge technologies to enable positive economic, social, and environmental change. In the first half, he shared his vision for society, guiding technology that advances humanity into its future (what he terms World 3.0). He argued for an AI Bill of Rights and putting a kind of "universal morality into the genetics of artificial intelligence" so that we have an ethical partner with the human species to be able to solve global problems. As our partner, the technology could prove to be a huge boon for humanity, he continued. Developing ethical AI requires integrating spiritual wisdom, enlightenment principles, and honoring the divine spark, Bailey added.

He outlined three ages of artificial intelligence. The first is what we're in now-- "narrow AI," which handles a single task. The next stage, "artificial general intelligence," is when AI cognition develops the ability to do many tasks simultaneously, "and we're just on the edge of that now," he said. The third he referred to as the "technology singularity," in which AI becomes more capable than the human brain. Bailey suggested that AI could be a beneficial partner for governments by monitoring politicians and their accountability to their promises, in addition to their performance in government. "I wouldn't be surprised if in ten years time AI is a presidential adviser," he mused. However, Bailey cautioned against the transhumanist path where humans physically merge with machines, which he considers an invasion of the divine.


An authority on sound healing and a pioneer in the field of harmonics, Jonathan Goldman M.A., is a musician, writer, and teacher. In the latter half, he discussed the healing qualities of music and sound, and how they can relieve stress, and improve immune response. "We're all unique vibratory beings, so what works for one person might not necessarily work for another," he noted. Various ailments and conditions are related to imbalances and stress, and he believes we can reduce those levels via sound healing, inducing calmness and relaxation. As to how sound can heal, he explained that it's the frequency or vibration of the sound plus the intent (the energy encoded into the sound) that creates the healing effect.

Goldman differentiated two different ways that music and sound interact with us. Psycho-acoustics is when the sound goes into the ear, affecting our nervous system, heart rate, respiration, and brainwaves. The other is called vibro-acoustics, where frequency sounds go into the body, "affecting us on a deep cellular level," even changing our DNA, he said. He shared a music track from his album De-Stress, which offers relaxing soundscapes. By releasing stress, we enhance our immune system as the two are intertwined, he stated. Goldman also announced that this year's World Sound Healing Day is on February 14th, and that on this day, thousands of people will create healing sounds around the planet with the intention of raising consciousness.

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