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Choice & Randomness / Animal Healing

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Professor of global politics Brian Klaas has conducted field research across the globe and advised major politicians and organizations, including NATO and the EU. In the first half, he discussed how our lives are being swayed by small, seemingly insignificant decisions and how, when we begin to take that truth seriously, it reveals a far wilder sense of reality. Because our lives are far more influenced by the accidental and the arbitrary, we have much less control over a complex world than we tend to believe. Sometimes, a small action or change can lead to enormous consequences, so in a sense, we "control nothing but influence everything," he stated.

He cited a bizarre circumstance from his own life that changed the course of his existence. In Wisconsin in 1905, a woman had a mental breakdown and snapped and killed her children and herself. That woman was Klass' great-grandfather's first wife, and he later remarried. So if that tragic incident hadn't happened, he wouldn't be here today. "When you start to think about reality that way, I think it creates a sort of wonder and awe in how ripple effects of our actions create some really unforeseen consequences," he mused. Humans are often looking for patterns to make sense of their lives, trying to build stories around random events, he noted. Yet Klass has concluded that "the world pivots a lot more on randomness and chance that we accept. And I think that is somewhat at odds with the view that there's a grand destiny for all of us."


Coryelle Kramer has been connecting and speaking with animals since she was a child. An expert animal communicator and energetic healer, in the latter half, she spoke about the process of energy healing and her therapeutic work with our animal companions. She explained that animals are naturally telepathic, which is how she communicates with them. Kramer said she sees animals being connected to a "stream of well-being," a kind of natural sense of balance so that if something is amiss with them, they are receptive to a realigning. She accomplishes this through energy healing, which she described as moving energy within a beam.

"I connect very deeply to the animal and I see...different levels, the physical, the emotional, the spiritual or the soul level, the auric field, as well as the chakras, which are seven energy portals in the body," she detailed. "And what I do with that is that I clear all those out of any kind of energy that's stuck in there or energy that's just not flowing as it should, and it reconnects them back into their well-being." Animals, she pointed out, are more receptive and open to energy healing than humans because they don't doubt or question the process. Kramer said she conducts most of her sessions over Zoom, and that energy work is just as powerful over long distances as in person. During the last hour, she gave readings regarding callers' pets.

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