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The 'Bulldog' Detective / Fallen Angels & Aliens

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In the first half, author Jeffrey D. Simon discussed William J. Flynn, former chief of the Secret Service and director of the Bureau of Investigation (the forerunner to the FBI), and how he was the instrumental detective in America's first war against the Mafia, spies, and terrorists in the early 1900s. Nicknamed "the Bulldog" for his tenacity in going after criminals, he broke up one of the first Mob families in America and then uncovered a German spy ring in the US just before WWI. He never cared much about money and had a legacy as an incorruptible public servant, said Simon. Flynn learned about counterfeiters when he worked at the Ludlow Street Jail (New York City's federal prison), and this helped him to land his job at the Bureau of Investigation.

Flynn (1867-1928) could be considered a kind of "rock star" of his era, Simon continued, but as time went on, he was overshadowed by the likes of J. Edgar Hoover and slipped through the cracks of history and public consciousness. He investigated acts of terrorism, such as when a bomb went off on Wall Street, and 20 people were killed in 1920. In his role at the Secret Service, he was acquainted with presidents Teddy Roosevelt, William Taft, and Woodrow Wilson. After Flynn retired, he received notoriety for starting a popular detective magazine called Flynn's, which gave then-unknown Agatha Christie a first break, Simon recounted.


In the latter half, Scott Mitchell, a Bible scholar and host of the podcast "Bible Mysteries," shared his ongoing research on why he believes aliens are actually fallen angels, as well as stories of demonic entities seen on night vision goggles. According to his interpretation of the Bible, angels were around many thousands of years prior to humankind, and "at some point, there was an insurrection by one particular cherub named Lucifer...and in this rebellion, a third of the angels joined him...and there was some sort of an intergalactic war that took place." Mitchell believes that another war is coming in which we may be attacked from the skies by the fallen angels, posing as alien entities. Then, another alien faction will arrive to save us from them, but Mitchell believes this will be a great deception, and lead to further genetic tinkering of humans and the creation of a hybrid race.

During the Vietnam War, soldiers first tried out night vision goggles and, in certain instances, saw demonic entities through them, he reported. Various personnel saw gargoyle-type entities while wearing the goggles, and "one gunner actually began firing into the air almost crazily" at the sinister creatures. Subsequently, the use of the goggles was discontinued. Mitchell suggested that this could have been an example of how demonic entities or fallen angels exist in a spectrum we can't normally see. "I believe the UFOs and the crafts that people are spotting are, in fact, fallen angel technology," he remarked. "It's possible that in this war of rebellious angels, a number of high-ranking angels were Seraphim that rebelled, and they became the dragon princes," which could be the same as aliens known as the Reptilians, he added.

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