Hormone Therapy / Sasquatch Experiences

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Hormone Therapy / Sasquatch Experiences

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Dr. Kenton Bruice is a board-certified OB/GYN who devotes his practice to balancing his patients' hormone levels with bioidentical hormones. In the first half, he joined Connie Willis (info) to discuss his work with hormone therapy, weight loss prescriptions, and peptides. He started treating menopausal and low testosterone patients with hormones back in 1998 when the practice was considered more alternative, but in recent years, it has become more established. As to the claims that external estrogen and progesterone can cause cancer or heart attacks, after scrutinizing the studies, he has never found evidence for that-- only that Provera, not estrogen, had a slightly higher risk for breast cancer. Female estrogen is very protective to the brain and cardiovascular system, he added.

Most of his patients, he said, do not plan to quit hormone therapy as it improves the quality of their lives, and a newer method of drug delivery, injectable pellets, makes the process more convenient, as it only has to be done every few months. Dr. Bruice described prescribing type 2 diabetes drugs, semaglutide or tirzepatide, for patients seeking weight loss and how they have found success with it. He also detailed the use of peptide therapy that naturally stimulates human growth hormone, which he considers to be the fountain of youth. However, some of the peptides he previously prescribed were banned by the FDA, after they decided these compounds needed to be studied more thoroughly.


Keith Bearden began having experiences with strange noises, screams, and odd happenings on his hunting property over 20 years ago, as well as finding large tracks and bent-over trees. In the latter half, he shared his experiences and encounters with what he realized were Sasquatch. He emphasized the importance of building relationships with the creatures, understanding their perspectives, developing trust with other researchers, and combating hoaxed material that is sometimes presented. He described seeing one of the Sasquatch up close, which he said was about 10.5 feet tall and had dark blond hair that looked silver in the moonlight. He commanded respect, and on his left shoulder, he had some hair that was braided and wore a reddish insignia that was like a tattoo, Bearden continued.

He also recalled a somewhat fearful encounter his son had on the property with the creatures but later learned that it was because his son had crossed paths with the Bigfoot while they were carrying one of their infants. Later, Bearden said he received a telepathic download from one of the Sasquatch who explained that their purpose on Earth was to be watchers and guardians of the land, and that humans should always be respectful of them and the land we live on. He has concluded that Sasquatch use Earth's quantum energy to accomplish the various things they do, and this may be related to UFO phenomena.

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