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Heart Intelligence / Chinese Astrology

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For over 30 years, Howard Martin has been passionate about advancing human potential and performance. In the first half, he discussed his ongoing research with the HeartMath Institute linking heart function with health, emotional well-being, and intelligence functions, as well as recent discoveries about energetic connections between people worldwide. His organization uses tools, techniques, and technology to help people enter a higher state of coherence, aligning their heart, brain, and body. The heart actually has a complex nervous system, Martin pointed out, and in many ways could be thought of as having a mind of its own-- a unique intelligence within us that the ancients recognized and has now been proven scientifically.

Martin's HeartMath team recently conducted a study with over 100 people from countries worldwide wearing a monitor that measured their heart rhythms for 15 days. "What we noticed was when there was solar activity which was impacting the geomagnetic field of the Earth...everyone was having a similar reading," he reported. That suggests to Martin that we have an energetic connection with the Earth itself, and this opens the door for new levels of cooperation among humankind. He also announced the availability of HeartMath's new app, which utilizes a phone's camera to accurately pick up changes in your heart rhythm. It displays those scores and can guide people through practices to reduce stress and increase their coherence, he enthused.


An expert in Feng Shui and Chinese astrology, Janine Lowe has always been intuitive. In the latter half, she revealed how to use Chinese astrology to help you find a compatible partner and determine which animal you are in the Chinese zodiac. The 12 different animals are based on the year you were born, she explained, and have different personality types. For instance, those with the Ox sign are friendly, hardworking, and shy. Monkeys prioritize others' needs over their own, while goats see both sides of a situation and make good negotiators. Roosters value luxury and justice, while dogs are loyal and stoic, and dragons can be rebellious, she stated.

Lowe noted that some of the signs are natural matches for each other, while others will struggle to get along. For example, the rabbit and pig are a great match as both are considerate and caring. In addition to the birth year, she further analyzes a person's astrology based on the day, month, and hour they were born, which also correlates with the 12 animals. She also touched on her work with Feng Shui, and how she helps people make changes in their home's design, such as adding a water feature to free up or unblock energy. During the last hour, she provided readings to callers based on their birth dates.

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