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Science of UFOs / High Strangeness

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In the first half, Dr. Eric Haseltine, a former Director of Research at the NSA, and Chris Gilbert, an MD with a PhD in Physiology, discussed their new study of the science of UFOs. "My belief is that we aren't looking at one phenomenon," said Haseltine. Some of the sightings may involve secret military craft, others could be hobbyists with drones, and people trying to fake things for their own purposes, he mused, and yet he acknowledged that some UAPs appear to be completely inexplicable and represent a kind of physics or technology beyond current scientific understanding. In their work on the subject, Haseltine and Gilbert asked different questions about UFO technology, such as what if the objects had little or no mass, which would then take very little force to move. The US Navy actually has a patent on something similar, a laser holographic projector that creates plasmas in the air in various shapes, he noted.

Gilbert looked at the issue through a focus on astrobiology and the intersection of medicine and UFOs. She pointed out that there are organisms that live in extreme environments and withstand such things as the vacuum of space, high radiation, and ultra-low or ultra-high temperatures, and this may be what we find with ET life forms. In fact, she continued, extraterrestrials may just consist of one cell, and could live in our body. She also cited how some people who have come into physical contact with a UFO have abnormal white patches that show up on MRIs of their brain that are similar to patients with multiple sclerosis. Haseltine talked about how certain metal compounds like bismuth, in combination with a strong magnetic field, demonstrate levitation properties and how bismuth is said to be one of the properties in allegedly recovered UFO material.


Author, lecturer, and Fortean researcher Justin Bamforth has been investigating paranormal and high strangeness for over 20 years. In the latter half, he shared strange cases of Men in Black (MIB), doppelgangers, phantom photographers, and unexplained interactions. He believes that a degree of stress or a particular mindset can sometimes trigger the encounters that individuals report. The MIBs are sometimes described as exhibiting odd movements and robotic-sounding voice patterns. He recalled the account of Gary in the UK, who was doing physical training in a mountainous area, and saw a man moving at a very high speed yet showing no signs of exhaustion. Curiously, the man had no ears, just a completely smooth head and teardrop eyes.

Bamforth recounted the tale of Andrew in Ontario from 1993, who had set up a video camera to record a meteor shower and instead caught a UFO. The next day, on a walk, he was approached by two men in dark suits and sunglasses, who had an unusual smell about them – "like rotten eggs sprinkled with cinnamon." One of the men brought up the video recording Andrew made the previous night, and said "What you saw was nothing. I advise you to get rid of the tape, and if you don't get rid of the tape, there's going to be some serious consequences." The men had an Asian appearance, with very tiny noses and lips, and their voices sounded slightly out-of-sync with a metallic timbre. Bamforth also detailed Tammy in Texas's missing time incident and how later she had an encounter with a similar-looking man to what Andrew described, who had a voice with an eerie reverberating quality.

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