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Haunted Locations / Open Lines

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Writer Mark Leslie shared his research into haunted places, including his most recent work investigating paranormal stories from drinking establishments. Leslie outlined his multifaceted perspective on the paranormal, drawing from personal experiences, historical research, and anecdotes. He discussed various theories about hauntings, including spirits seeking resolution for unresolved issues or impressions left behind in places. Leslie reflected on his own fear of the dark and fascination with the unknown, which has driven his writing career. This fascination has led Leslie into actively engaging with haunted locations, most recently frequenting bars and breweries where he has gathered spooky stories from patrons and staff.

He delved into specific haunted locations, sharing intriguing tales gathered from the Winking Judge in Hamilton, Ontario, and the Shaker Cigar Bar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Winking Judge has garnered a reputation for being haunted, with numerous reported sightings of the judge himself. Described as wearing a dark suit and a top hat, the judge is often seen in reflective surfaces and occasionally appears outside the window of the men's room on the second floor. One notable account involved the owner's daughter, who conversed with an unseen presence resembling the judge, Leslie reported.

The Shaker Cigar Bar was built atop an old cemetery, and its origins trace back to its construction in 1894 as the Schlitz brewery building. During Prohibition, it served as a speakeasy operated by the Capone brothers, adding to its mysterious and haunted allure. Within the building is a seemingly bottomless cistern in the basement that has been associated with "bad spirits," Leslie revealed.

Throughout the discussion, Leslie emphasized his method of research and engagement with haunted places. He described his approach to visiting establishments, balancing respect for the owners' wishes with his own curiosity about the supernatural. Whether invited or simply showing up, Leslie navigates these spaces with a blend of fascination and caution, seeking to uncover the mysteries that lie within. His upcoming Spirits on Tap project further explores the phenomenon of haunted bars and breweries around the world.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Dave in Oregon shared two ghost stories. In the first, he recounted an experience at Loseley House in London where a guard encountered a 17th-century castle guard apparition. In the second, he witnessed his deceased grandfather as a child and later as an adult, feeling his presence throughout his life. He also mentioned his grandmother's apparition has been reported by renters. Dave expressed his belief that our earthly existence is temporary, with the opportunity for reincarnation and choice in subsequent lives.

Joe from Washington recounted a ghost story about his mother who passed away when he was ten years old. He recalled seeing her standing outside their house a few days after her death, despite being wheelchair-bound and blind in life. His father believed the sighting was his mother saying goodbye. Joe also described a later incident where their wedding song played twice during a car ride, which they interpreted as another sign from his deceased mother.

The final half hour featured a replay of author Lynn Monet on her paranormal experiences.

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