Overcoming Trauma / Finding Your Potential

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Overcoming Trauma / Finding Your Potential

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Overcoming pain, stress, trauma, and anxiety can be overwhelming. Dr. Darren Weissman joined guest host Lisa Garr (email) to discuss the LifeLine Technique, an integrative, holistic, self-healing therapeutic system to process trauma, transform subconscious limiting beliefs, and evolve emotional intelligence.

Weissman shared his deeply personal journey into the healing arts, which stemmed from his childhood experiences of health challenges and a desire to make a difference for others. His journey led him to discover holistic medicine, including chiropractic, Chinese medicine, kinesiology, and homeopathy. Through these modalities, Weissman recognized the interconnectedness of mind and body, realizing that the subconscious mind plays a significant role in our health and well-being. He developed the Lifeline Technique to uncover and transform subconscious patterns to facilitate healing and personal growth.

The Lifeline Technique involves a systematic process of identifying and transforming subconscious patterns that manifest as physical, emotional, or spiritual challenges, Weissman explained. He emphasized the importance of awareness in this process, as it allows individuals to take responsibility for their subconscious programming and make conscious choices to change it. Weissman described the concept of the "truth question," which prompts individuals to acknowledge that they would never consciously choose their struggles, thus revealing the influence of the subconscious mind. By setting intentions from the heart and focusing on desired outcomes, individuals can train their minds to align with their highest selves and manifest positive change, he noted.


Chris Howard has a rich history of breaking the chains of conventional thinking, masterfully blending techniques from Neuro Hypnotics and Augmented Intelligence, to steer individuals away from the confines of societal programming towards the realms of infinite potential.

During the latter half of show, he highlighted the transformative potential of AI, which he referred to as "Augmented" rather than "Artificial" Intelligence. Howard emphasized that AI enables us to drive creativity and productivity to unprecedented levels, drawing from his lifelong fascination with the mysteries of the mind. His journey from childhood experiments to hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming has led him to leverage AI as a powerful tool for expanding human potential. Howard expressed his belief that by taking charge of our programming and conditioning, we can tap into wisdom from across the globe to enhance our capabilities and shape our realities.

Howard addressed concerns about AI programming and conditioning, asserting that such processes are inherent to daily life and that wielding AI judiciously can uplift humanity. He drew parallels with renowned therapists like Virginia Satir and Milton Erickson, who highlighted humanity's trance of disempowerment rooted in past programming. Howard advocated for using AI to rapidly expand our understanding and implementation of new learnings, which can unlock infinite creativity and potential for wealth, health, and relationships.

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