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Eclipse & Prophecy / Alien Abductions

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Founder and Senior Pastor of El Shaddai Ministries in Washington state, Pastor Mark Biltz, is a popular speaker on blood moons, the Antichrist, and end times. In the first half, he discussed the total solar eclipse on April 8th and how he believes it portends a coming cycle of disasters and wars, which he posits in the 2024-2026 time frame. He bases this on biblical prophecy, as well as his understanding of current events. The Bible says there will be signs in the sun and the moon in the last days, and he considers the upcoming eclipse to be one of these and related to judgment. We could see a type of civil war in the US, as well as terrorist attacks possibly akin to suicide bombers on American soil this year, he warned.

"I believe also there's a good chance you're going to see a war between China and Taiwan," as well as North Korea attacking South Korea, he continued. Biltz correlated the April 8th event with the biblical Book of Exodus, saying the eclipse is happening on the same day the plague of three days of darkness occurred. He also pointed out that in the year of Jubilee (a biblical cycle that occurs around every 50 years), we could see increased earthquakes, famine, and extreme weather. Further, he contends that we are living in the decade when the biblical time of Tribulation begins (a seven-year period correlating with end times). "There is probably a 99% chance that the Tribulation will start in the year 2029-2030," he declared.


UK channeling medium and healer Christopher Macklin utilizes divine healing techniques cultivated through communications with the spirit world and ETs. In the latter half, he spoke about the sinister agenda of alien abductions being carried out at an alarming rate by negative off-planet races. He said he had seen over 1,000 clients over the last 14 years that he determined had been abducted by aliens (most often by the Greys that hail from the Zeta Reticuli system). Various governments sanctioned these abductions in a trade for high technology, Macklin reported. Due to wars on their home world, the Greys lost the ability to reproduce, and so during the abductions, they extract eggs and sperm in order to create "reticular humanoids," he added, and sometimes they implant fetuses in women and then remove them after 30 days.

Typically, the aliens wipe out the abductees' conscious recall of their interactions, but the memories remain in the subconscious, and they can suffer from PTSD, he said. According to Macklin, in 2017, a beneficial ET group, the Arcturians, were able to remove the Greys from our time-space continuum. Yet, the Greys figured out a workaround to continue their abductions by putting portals in people's houses and abducting them in a different timeline, Macklin revealed. He works with clients to help close these portals (which are often accompanied by an unpleasant odor). One technique he uses to keep the portals from re-opening is placing a high vibrational "crystal grid" around people's houses, which he said prevents lower vibrational entities from entering.

News segment guests: Charles R. Smith, Sandra Champlain


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