China's Rise to Power / Global Control

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China's Rise to Power / Global Control

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Retired US Navy captain James E. Fanell served twenty-nine years in the military. Bradley A. Thayer, Ph.D., is a founding member of the Committee on Present Danger China. In the first half, they outlined concerns about China, and argued that America directly contributed to China's rise by using them as a source of cheap labor and allowing them to enter the Western economic system. The Communist leader Deng Xiaoping executed a deliberate strategy of deception against the US and, in a sense, made "Wall Street, if you will, the US Chamber of Commerce partners with the Chinese Communist Party," said Thayer. This increased China's economic might so that it rose from creating just .6% of the world's gross domestic product in 1990 to 19% by 2019, "and they used that economic convert it into military power, which is why we see the rise of this great existential threat to the United States today," he continued.

Fanell pointed out that while China prefers not to use military force, as this decade goes on, it has set its sights on taking Taiwan back. He also warned that Chinese nationals have increasingly been coming across the US border. "We would be naive not to think that they're going to send across the border special operators and covert actors that could do all sorts of damage to the country, both in our electric grid...or food supplies," Fanell added. Thayer urged Americans to think of the Chinese Communist Party as tyrannical and illegitimate-- a "colonial" government that was put in power by the Soviet Union in the 1940s.


In the latter half, C2C's investigative reporter Cheryll Jones shared her interview with filmmaker, visual artist, musician, and influencer Frank Jacob, whose multimedia presentations go deep down the rabbit hole into hidden history, transhumanism, artificial intelligence, secret technology, human evolution, timelines and more. He expressed his belief that many people, including lawmakers and media, are not aware of the dangers of ending our privacy, freedoms, and personal choices. There is a global control plan for all aspects of life as we know it, he contended, including a possible World Health Organization (WHO) treaty that would impact the sovereignty of individual nations. The treaty would mandate specific health policies like vaccinations for all member nations, as well as enact particular responses in the event of a "climate emergency," he explained.

There is a further agenda for a "great reset" where people "will own nothing and be happy" and it will likely involve a new financial system with such things as universal basic income and a central bank digital currency that is completely tracked and traceable, Jacob cautioned. He advocated for citizenry asking questions, pushing back against the narratives they're being told, sensing things more from a gut feeling, and being open and aware to new information.

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