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Mental Time Travel / Open Lines

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Ondre Seltzer, also known as "Dr. Ondre", is a world-renowned energy healer and founder of Frequency Energy Medicine (FEM), a technique that rebalances bio-frequencies to promote natural healing. He joined guest host Rich Berra (email) to delve into energy healing, intuition, and spirituality, as well as his experiences with deja vu and time travel, which he suggests may be linked to brain trauma.

Seltzer distinguished between intuition and mediumship, explaining that intuition is a heightened sensitivity to emotions and hidden things around people, whereas mediumship involves communication with spirits. He recounted his childhood experiences of interacting with spirits, initially unaware they were deceased, and described how this ability had influenced his relationships. He shared his belief in a greater existence beyond our world and differentiated between types of ghosts. According to Seltzer, some are spirits that communicate and others are energy reflections of past traumas caught in repetitive loops.

Seltzer presented his views on time travel and deja vu, associating these phenomena with quantum entanglement theory. He suggested that time is not linear but rather exists in a loop, with the past, present, and future merging together. When we step out of our conscious everyday mindset and enter the subconscious, our brains act like quantum computers receiving and transmitting information across different timelines, he revealed. This allows us to tap into past and future events, which could explain the experience of deja vu.

Seltzer also related time travel to trauma by suggesting that traumatic events can create a strong emotional imprint, allowing individuals to access these memories across different timelines. He proposed that when a person experiences significant trauma, it can leave a deep mark on their subconscious mind which can cause them to repeatedly access the traumatic event, almost as if they are mentally traveling back in time to relive it.


Open Lines followed in the last 90 minutes of the program. Jason from Olympia, Washington, highlighted the issue of missing people in the United States, sharing statistics from 2022 that reported 350,000 missing individuals under 21 and 166,000 over 21, with a significant number being young females. He emphasized that the rise in population density contributes to the increased awareness of missing persons. Despite the best efforts involving canines, drones, and thermal imaging, many cases remain unresolved, he revealed.

Frequent caller Cornelius shared his concerns about AI, which he referred to as the "antichrist intelligence," believing it poses a significant threat by taking over human jobs and potentially leading to a dystopian future. Cornelius speculated about a future dominated by digital currency and surveillance, highlighting Elon Musk's satellite projects as methods of control. He also criticized the rapid adoption of AI, citing McDonald's removal of AI at drive-thrus as a positive sign of pushback, and called for caution and better understanding before further integrating AI into society.

Scott and Dothan, Alabama shared his experiences living with a family of ghosts approximately 16 years ago. He described seeing apparitions of a mother and daughter dressed in attire reminiscent of the "Little House on the Prairie" era, with his son also witnessing a ghostly baby in a high chair. Despite their presence, the family had no negative interactions with these ghosts, believing they were connected to the area's history as a former Native American reservation. He noted his son occasionally sees apparitions elsewhere, suggesting that such entities can follow individuals regardless of location.


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