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Dark Forces / Ancient Stone Circles

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Jason Halbert, award-winning producer and songwriter, and his wife Rhonda, a music and television manager, shared some of their real-life paranormal and bizarre experiences that inspired their literary work, Caretaker. In the novel, a family is drawn to a mysterious house, and the house draws them in. "You're not sure if the house is trying to help them or destroy them," Jason remarked. The house that inspired the novel was a fixer-upper the Halberts bought in California. During a remodeling, they discovered old magazine clippings from the 1940s hidden in the wall, and many of the ads with women had their limbs scribbled out or cut off. They also found clothing with the arms and legs cut out. They noticed that grass wouldn't grow on the property, and no animals ever came into the yard. Eventually, the home became the site for an open murder case from the 1940s, as bloodstains were found in the hidden materials, Rhonda revealed.

She recounted the eerie and disturbing time that she and her young son both heard someone in the house, though they knew just the two of them were there. On another occasion, both her son and daughter reported upon waking that they'd had the same dream about a creepy man. For Jason, these weren't his first encounters with the paranormal. Growing up in Texas, he was tormented by poltergeist phenomena, demonic activity, and horrible dreams he shared with my brother. "We've come to learn and believe that...certain locations are definitely tied...to paranormal activity happening," he noted.


Michael Tellinger is an author, explorer, and humanitarian who has made groundbreaking discoveries about advanced vanished civilizations at the southern tip of Africa. In the latter half, he updated his ongoing research into the mysterious stone circles and "Adam's Calendar" in South Africa (view related images). The stone circles could be as recent as 12,000 years old, though some may date back hundreds of thousands of years earlier, he said. The odd structures have no doorways and entrances, so they do not appear to have been used for shelter, and by Tellinger's estimate, there may be as many as 10 million of them spread out over South Africa and Zimbabwe. He has concluded the stones have magnetic and electromagnetic properties as part of an advanced technology that creates strong frequencies and fields and were networked together to generate vast amounts of energy.

Further, he suggested that the Anunnaki, or advanced civilization/ETs that created the technology, may have done so in order to change Earth's climate, possibly to make it more habitable for them. Adam's Calendar, an ancient archaeological site, appears to have functioned as a kind of sun calendar, yet Tellinger believes it may also have generated unique energy, to possibly power the gold mining operations of the Anunnaki (the site is adjacent to an ancient gold mine). He also spoke about his efforts to keep his Stone Circle Museum going, as well as the non-profit initiative One Small Town.

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