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In the first half, Tanya Carroll Richardson joined host Rich Berra (email) to discuss psychic pathways, Twin Flames, soulmates, soul contracts, and angels. She defined the four "clairs" — clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, and clairsentience — as abilities that expand a person's sight, hearing, knowledge, and perception respectively. "I had psychic phenomenon and intuitive stuff happen when I was a child, and then as I got older… these pathways started to open up for me," she recalled. According to her, the four "clairs" are like a car's GPS. "It's hardwired to you, and it really course corrects," she explained, adding that there is a clear difference between psychic intuition and paranoia. Carroll Richardson described intuition as being less emotionally charged than overwhelming feelings like anxiety. "You hear the gentle voice in your mind [and] the voice will always sound calm," she said. "It won't necessarily feel like anxiety or panic, but it could feel like this strong nudge or gut instinct."

She also detailed in depth the phenomena of soulmates and Twin Flames. Soulmates, she explained, are people with a strong spiritual connection to each other, and their paths cross for a reason. "It could be a romantic interest… a pet… some family members [with whom] you might feel a much stronger soul connection than others," she claimed. This concept is different from a Twin Flame, which is a soul divided between two people and no one else. Carroll Richardson told listeners about how this idea dates back to the ancient Greek philosopher Plato. She mentioned how Twin Flames can sometimes be complementary opposites, such as an optimist and a pessimist who balance each other's energies. While admitting she hadn't seen the Netflix documentary Escaping Twin Flames, she acknowledged the mental traps people fall into when they don't understand this phenomenon. The seductive idea of finding your perfect match can have its downsides, she warned, describing how "you can get so idealistic about it that you might think [someone] just doesn't fit... and you could miss out on a lovely partner."

A strong connection to a person, place, or event is what Carroll Richardson calls a soul contract. "The idea is that something is laid down ahead of time and that we are going to have these experiences," she emphasized. One of her most amazing soul-contract experiences involved seeing an angel, which appeared to her one day while writing. "I had a mirror that was over my desk," she recounted, "and I looked up to see behind me, and my whole body just froze and went into fear." Though she witnessed a benevolent being, she couldn't help feeling frightened by such an awe-inspiring sight. "I understood in the Bible why angels always tell people, 'Fear not,' because it can be very hysteric to see." Carroll Richardson also insisted that angels are non-denominational creatures, helping people of all faiths who need their assistance.


In the second half, listeners called in for Open Lines. Joshua from Idaho talked about meeting his soulmate when he and she were just 14 years old. When the two teens were hanging out, he told her about a hologram of Jesus he saw on a car trip, and she said she had seen the exact same thing. They were connected not only by this experience, but also by each other's old family photos where both were captured in the background. They are still together 36 years later.

James in Newport, Virginia called in to challenge the idea of reincarnation, citing verses in the Bible that refute this view of the afterlife. Joe on the Wildcard Line discussed his experience meeting an angel, and said one needs to be open to the idea in order to witness it. Firefighter Jared shared the time he spoke with an angel who asked him if he was ready to die after an accident. He told the angel that he hadn't seen his son grow up and wasn't ready to go.

Nicole from San Diego phoned in to talk about the interconnectedness of creation and the planet's transformative energies. She also mentioned a generational curse that has prevented her from holding onto soulmates. Brad from California raised the question of psychic abilities existing within the autism spectrum. He claimed to have sensed a friend's internal injuries that no one else had yet detected.

Cornelius from Louisiana called in to pray for the people of Houston in the aftermath of Hurricane Beryl. Kenneth in Alabama also discussed meeting his soulmate in the Mojave Desert, far away from both their hometowns. They have been together for 39 years. Hope in North Carolina stressed the importance of empathy in the modern world. She also claimed that many of the new medical diagnoses are misinterpretations of new abilities.

Dave in Idaho also shared his soulmate story. He met her in a coffee shop and was struck by her beautiful eyes after she adjusted her glasses. One night, while out at a cabin, a blazing meteor appeared right after he told her he loved her. They have been married now for 30 years. Caleb from Chicago believed his call was predestined based on the previous callers and his connection to their stories.

First-time caller Lynn in Los Angeles shared her psychic experiences in the 1970s. She partook in a past-life regression exercise that transported her to England, where she saw a specific bakery burning down in her mind's eye. A fellow participant from London was able to confirm details about the city that Lynn recalled.

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