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Aliens in the Bible

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Date Host Art Bell

During hours 3 and 4, Art is joined by author John Milor for a discussion on his book Aliens in the Bible which examines what he sees as scriptural references about the reality of extraterrestrials and UFOs. He mused that the arrival of ETs on Earth could result in the transformation of the human race into god-like beings by way of the technology brought by the visitors. However, he expressed concern that such a scenario might actually be a ruse on the part of the Antichrist, who he believes is currently already here among us. During his appearance, Milor also talked about astral projection, reincarnation, and ghosts.

In the first hour, Art had a fascinating conversation with an individual calling himself 'Mike,' who detailed his work as the head cook at the McMurdo Station scientific outpost in Antarctica. He shared insights into the profound level of isolation experienced by the crew working at the station and the extreme and sometimes perilous conditions of the region. "If you get a little careless, if you try to break some of the rules they have in here for your safety," he said, "death is a real possibility. People have died here." Mike also explained how he wound up with the incredibly rare opportunity to work in Antarctica.


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