The Life of Timothy Leary

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The Life of Timothy Leary

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Paul Davids, the executive producer of the documentary "Timothy Leary's Dead," talked about the incredible life of Leary. He was originally a Harvard professor and remains most famous for popularizing the use of LSD. Davids was with Leary in the last few weeks of his life, and said he was one of the most charismatic people he'd ever met. Leary was married many times and put in jail for two marijuana cigarettes with an initial sentence of ten years. After escaping from prison, Leary was recaptured and placed in a cell next to Charles Manson.

Davids also discussed Native American rituals using peyote and mushrooms. Leary friend Carol Rosin joined the discussion in the third hour - she, too, was with Leary during the last days of his life. Davids shared the claim that Leary's head was cryogenically frozen upon his death, but Rosin said he was cremated, and there was some spirited debate about this. Both mentioned Leary's sense of humor and his charismatic charm.

The first hour and last two consisted of news and Open Lines. Topics included Art's new studio cam, and the Timothy McVeigh verdict, which had just come in that night.

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