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Patch Adams, the real physician behind the hit movie starring Robin Williams, shared his view that greed may be the worst problem we have to face and that the practice of medicine and greed often go hand-in-hand. He also discussed his project to fund a free hospital in West Virginia through his foundation, the Gesundheit Institute. Adams says the way to treat an incompetent doctor is to know everyone and work in a "real hospital" like his where no egos run amok. He couldn't think of one single positive thing to say about "managed care."

Patch talks about being a science nerd and how he'd always planned to be a doctor. He also speaks out against forced psychiatry. He has a lot of concern for that profession. Adams revealed he was not treated well for his suicidal problems- they just gave him drugs. In Adams' world, people wouldn't need psychiatry. Art asks how well they portrayed him in the movie. When he first read an early draft of the script, he was embarrassed by it. He didn't see himself at all in the movie. They decided not to perform "Adams," but have Williams make up his own version. But he has grown to love the movie for its positive consequences.

During Open Lines in the last two hours, topics included news of the day, the chupacabras, the Quickening, Art's Webcam, and cats.

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