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Russian UFOs & USOs

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Date Host Art Bell

During hours 2-4, Russian-born ufologist Paul Stonehill discussed his emigration to the US, the political situation in the USSR, the Chernobyl event, and information about the Roswell crash gleaned from Russian intelligence. He related sightings reported from Russian ships over the past years, and talked about how swimmers witnessed an underwater alien form. He speculated that there is something at the bottom of the ocean that is trying to communicate with us.

Songwriter Gordon Lightfoot joined Art in hour one to talk about his prestigious career in music. He begins by telling us how he heard Art was playing some of his music on the air and how he got into the music business. Art plays some of Sundown and asks Gordon the meaning of some of the lyrics. Gordon talks about his family and being on the road, and some of the other celebrities he has worked with. The 5th hour of the show features Open Lines.

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Ian Punnett discussed his new book on millennial leadership in relation to the ancient prophet Moses. Followed by Lynne McTaggart with her analysis of COVID information and treatments.

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