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Mystery of the Sphinx & Crop Circles

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Date Host Art Bell

Researcher and photographer Caroline Davies discusses re-dating the age of the Sphinx and her involvement with a documentary called "The Mystery of the Sphinx," in hours 3 & 4. Davies thinks the sphinx is much older than we originally thought, and details a correlation between the Sphinx and the Face on Mars. She shares how she leans toward the story of the Annunaki, the theory of ancient ET visitors put forth by Zecharia Sitchin.

Davies also talks at length about her interest and theories about crop circles, and reports of a formation near Stonehenge with 198 circles. Her camera equipment died after being inside one circle. There are many possibilities as to what crop circles are, she suggests-- possibly an expression from our extraterrestrial or interdimensional friends.

The first two hours of the show include news and Open Lines, touching on such topics as 'Art's Parts,' anti-gravity, Ross Perot, earth changes, werewolves, and sleep paralysis. The 5th hour also features Open Lines.

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