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UFO Disclosure & Mel's Hole

Date Friday - February 21, 1997
Host Art Bell

In the first two hours, Dr. Steven Greer discussed the beginnings of the UFO Disclosure Project. He detailed his collecting of firsthand knowledge from government workers coming forward with their ET information. Many of the people were told not to come forward "or else.” This is not a question that the subject is true, but what do we do about it and how do we get it resolved, he said. Greer announced plans for a meeting that will take place with members of Congress with the witnesses coming forward.

In the third hour, Art shares a fax he got from Mel Waters, a listener from rural eastern Washington who describes a hole used for decades on his property to dispose of trash such as building supplies, dead cows, furniture, you name it. He noticed that the hole never filled up. He started using fishing line to try to measure its depth, and went down 80,000 feet without hitting bottom. He remembers dropping a refrigerator down it and never hearing it touch bottom. In the last hour of the program Art speaks with Mel live. This is the introduction to the Mel’s Hole legend.

And listen closely to hear what happened when Art accidentally glued his lips together on the air with super glue! (starting at the 1 hour and 44 minute mark in the Full Show option).


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