Eliott Edge

Eliott Edge


Eliott Edge is an author and independent researcher who writes about virtual reality, consciousness, technology, culture, the paranormal, and psychedelics. He has written for Reality Sandwich, Disinformation, The Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, and Medium. He is the author of the book, 3 Essays on Virtual Reality: Overlords, Civilization, and Escape.

Despite having no college degree, Edge’s work is taught in universities around the world. His work is presented in Media classes alongside curricula that include the likes of Marshall McLuhan and Donna Haraway. He is interested in the evolution of media and the mind, and media’s power in shaping human thought and society. He is also an international speaker, and on the advisory board of the existential risk think tank, The Lifeboat Foundation.



Past Shows:

  • Virtual Reality / Open Lines

    Author and independent researcher Eliott Edge presented an illuminating look into the concept of virtual reality. Followed by Open Lines in the latter part of the program.More »

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