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Heart Disease & Stress / UFOs & Cryptids

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Douglas Mulhall is a biotech company co-founder, science author, journalist, and researcher. In the first half, he discussed his new work on heart disease and hidden stresses that can relate to it. Oxidative stress is one of the most significant hidden forms-- when the body gets out of imbalance from exposure to such things as low-grade infections and heavy metals, he revealed. A 10-year clinical trial into heart disease found that many patients had significant amounts of heavy metals in their systems, like lead, which don't show up in standard blood tests. The originator of the study, Dr. Gervasio Lamas, subsequently developed a chelation method to remove heavy metals from diabetic patients who were then able to avoid possible limb amputations, Mulhall reported.

There is a kind of "Jekyll & Hyde" effect in the human body, Mulhall continued-- a split personality that many parts of our immune system have, where they protect us and harm us at the same time, with oxidative stress as one example. When metals build up in the tissues, the immune system uses its standard inflammatory response, but this can lead to hardening of the arteries because it's trying to wall off the injury, he further explained. Mulhall suggested that humans are still a relatively young species whose immune system continues to evolve and that over time they may adapt more successfully, like certain whales and sharks that live to be 350 years old. He also talked about new techniques and supplements that can reverse aneurysms without surgery.


In the latter half, jazz musician and paranormal investigator Eric Mintel shared updates on UAP sightings and his investigations of various cryptids like Dogman and Bigfoot. He recounted his trip to Wisconsin, where he witnessed a strange werewolf-like creature that may have been the legendary Beast of Bray Road (further info here). In a similar case in Pennsylvania, which he dubbed the "Beast of Bryn Athyn," people have described a Dogman-type creature like the one witnessed in Wisconsin. Could these cryptids be moving in and out of our reality through a dimensional portal? he pondered, or perhaps they are being "dropped off" by UFOs.

Mintel discussed a UFO flap in Bucks County, PA back in 2008, where thousands witnessed an octagonal-shaped object that was lit up, and hovered low and silently. In April 2021, a woman shared video footage with him of 30-40 odd lights hovering over Lake Galena (also in Bucks County) blinking on and off. Mintel also detailed his own UFO sighting while traveling over a bridge on the Delaware River from Pennsylvania to New Jersey. There were five large orbs that looked like swirling lava, he said, and they seemed to be in some kind of search pattern, and then disappeared one by one. For more, check out Mintel's YouTube channel, which chronicles his investigations.

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