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Author, web publisher, and businesswoman, Susan Miller's achievements and contributions to astrology have made her an authority in her field worldwide. In the first half, she discussed all 12 astrological signs, and what lies ahead in the coming months and in 2022. While 2020 and 2021 were difficult years, 2022 has far fewer challenging aspects and has "sparkling days sprinkled throughout the year to give us hope, energy, and determination," she enthused. The latter part of 2022 does have one period of concern when Mars goes retrograde at the end of October through January 2023, and it may not be the best time to launch a new product or business, she remarked. The economy will be quite good in 2022 for the first five months, she added, but then it starts wobbling a bit.

She offered a preview of what all the different astrological signs could expect in 2022:

  • Aires: One of the best years of life, filled with lucky breaks starting in May and running into 2023.
  • Taurus: Who you know proves important, so a good year to expand contacts and join clubs.
  • Gemini: The biggest career year of the decade, and a great time to shoot for lofty goals.
  • Cancer: Luck with foreign people, either working with them or traveling to other countries.
  • Leo: Investments will start to pay off, and an excellent year for people working on commission.
  • Virgo: Exceptional marriage or business collaboration possibilities.
  • Libra: Good prospects for those who run their own business. 
  • Scorpio: A winning year for love and babies, with a focus on one's personal or creative life.
  • Sagittarius: Lucky aspects for the home-- a good time to buy real estate or get a new place.
  • Capricorn: The skill of communication is favored, such as with writing, podcasts, and negotiations.
  • Aquarius: Financial remuneration is likely, such as in a salary increase.
  • Pisces: Big money comes in from projects started earlier in the year, as Jupiter moves into the sign. 


In the latter half, psychic medium Karyn Reece talked about her work with law enforcement to solve cold cases, negative hauntings, dream interpretation, and out-of-body travel. She detailed how she is able to get into the mind of a killer or perpetrator, hearing their mind chatter and strategies. In the Scott Peterson case, Reece said she could feel the perspective of his murdered wife Laci as she went into the water. She described how she briefly leaves her own body to connect with murder or suicide victims on the Other Side, and can then help connect the dots for family members and law enforcement. Reece also uses "psychic artistry" to draw images of suspects and environments.

In dreams, we often travel out-of-body to meet up with our loved ones on the Other Side, she revealed, though typically we have little recall of this. She explained how she clears negative energies or entities from people's homes. According to Reece, sage is not particularly effective, though holy water can be useful. Ultimately, individuals have the power to stand firm and get entities to leave, she noted. Signs of a demonic infestation include unexplained scratches, the smell of sulfuric eggs, the temperature going down, and an increase in bad moods and fighting with loved ones. She was part of a team that exorcised a possessed 12-year-old boy, who showed signs of superhuman strength, spoke in tongues, foamed at the mouth, and at times his eyes turned entirely black. During the last hour, she offered psychic readings for callers.

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