MH370 Mystery / 2023 Predictions & Miracles

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MH370 Mystery / 2023 Predictions & Miracles

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Aerospace engineer Richard Godfrey is a founding member of the MH370 Independent Group investigating the disappearance of MH370 since 2014. He has published 59 papers and presentations on the disappearance, including both flight and drift models. In the first half, he shared his latest findings pinpointing the crash location of the flight, and what might have been the cause of the mysterious disaster. After about 40 minutes, the plane turned back toward Malaysia, then headed out along the coast of Indonesia, and then went south into the middle of the Indian Ocean, flying for a total of around 7.5 hours (around the time it would run out of fuel). As to the "ghost flight" theory that both pilots were incapacitated, Godfrey finds that unlikely as there was evidence that there were changes in altitude, which would have to be done manually.

Debris in the Indian Ocean started to wash up on various islands and the African coast beginning around 2016, with 37 pieces analyzed, and a number of them match Boeing records of the downed plane, he reported. No bodies have ever been recovered, though some luggage items have been identified and traced to specific passengers, he added. There's no trace on any of the articles of an explosion or fire, he noted, adding that a jet does not continue to fly for over 7 hours if it has a major mechanical failure or fire. Godfrey said there wasn't strong evidence to suggest a hijacking took place. He speculated that a suicide or murder plot by the captain, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, is a possibility since Shah had recently flown a simulator at home, with a flight path going out to the Indian Ocean until it ran out of fuel.


Joyce Keller is an American television and radio host, author, and psychic medium. In the latter half, she shared predictions and insights for the new year ahead, as well as talked about miracles and working with guardian angels. Predictions as opposed to prophecy, can be subject to changes and are not written in stone, she remarked. Among Keller's predictions:

  • Putin will be out by this spring, whether through death or a coup.
  • This will be a particularly rough winter with extreme cold, especially in Europe, with power outages and food shortages.
  • The year's first half will be bumpy economically and job-wise, though the second half looks better.
  • Riots or civil unrest will occur, with the populace upset about inflation and food prices.
  • Using pyramid power may be coming back into vogue.

Keller described different miracles, particularly those associated with healing. For a caller with health issues, she recommended working with a rose quartz crystal. Cleanse it, put it out in the sun, and ask for your body to be well, she outlined. During the last hour, she gave readings for callers. For more, check out this photo she sent us of a "spirit manifestation" while she conducted a channeling session.

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