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Mark Lane

Mark Lanepicture


Mark Lane has been a member of the bar for more than half a century. He successfully represented the American Indian Movement in the historic Wounded Knee trial. He defeated E. Howard Hunt and the CIA in a trial in the United States District Court in Florida and William F. Buckley in a trial in the United States District Court in Washington DC. He represented numerous clients in the civil rights movement in the South and in the North.

He was counsel for a plaintiff in a leading case in the United States District Court, Washington, DC establishing the rights of women to bring actions for sexual harassment. Lane was also a member of the New York State Legislature and was the only public official arrested as a Freedom Rider in Mississippi.



Past shows:

JFK Assassination Special IX

In a four-hour special, three guests offered their theories and research regarding the JFK assassination. Attorney Mark Lane presents his conclusion that the CIA plotted the murder of President Kennedy; investigative reporter, Barry Ernest, discussed his search for a woman... More »


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