Exploring Spiritual Realms / The Great Sphinx & Hall of Records

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Exploring Spiritual Realms / The Great Sphinx & Hall of Records

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In the first half, author, coach, and motivational speaker Marla Martenson talked about her exploration into magical and spiritual realms, as she delved into such modalities as Tarot readings, energy healing, Reiki, and channeling. She detailed speaking with her spirit guide Thomas and channeling "galactic" entities, which she initially used a talking (Ouija) board to facilitate. Martenson also revealed her battles with sleep paralysis and an encounter with a negative spirit that seemed to enter her through her crown chakra. She was able to expel it by calling on the archangel Michael. 

Regarding Tarot, the "Death" card can actually be a good sign, she noted, as it can represent change or breaking away from old patterns. In her readings, she focuses on uplifting messages and encouraging clients to do work on themselves. During the pandemic, she offered distance energy healing, which she finds to be effective. Martenson recounted helping a neighbor plagued by an entity-- she did a home clearing by burning sage and setting intentions. People astral travel in their sleep, she said, and these out-of-body moments also occur to her at spontaneous times, sometimes initiated by a sense of vibration.


In the latter half, author Manu Seyfzadeh discussed the Great Sphinx, a legendary ancient archive known as the Hall of Records, and a mysterious Egyptian painting. As covered in his forthcoming book, Under the Sphinxhe also talked about the hieroglyphic evidence for the lioness statue, and what she may be guarding. Experiments conducted 30 years ago dated the Sphinx age to possibly as far back as 10,000 BC, Robert Schoch suggested. Schoch also found evidence for an anomaly at the left forepaw about five meters underground (the seer Edgar Cayce predicted that a Hall of Records would be found under the right paw). Based on symbols, Seyfzadeh believes this hidden chamber or archive was breached some 5,000 years ago, and the knowledge uncovered helped the Egyptian dynastic civilization flourish. Further, he's concluded that the archive was portable and moved from Giza to the ancient city of Hermopolis.

Seyfzadeh shared his knowledge of hieroglyphs and how he learned to read them. He pointed out that rather than being pictographs, they often refer to the sound of words (like our alphabet) and have a grammatical structure. He studied a painting inside a coffin for a mummified general from the Middle Kingdom period. It has an inscription that explains the image-- a sun god surrounded by nine bands representing the planets in the solar system. He finds it fascinating that they depicted nine planets, as that knowledge would have required astronomical equipment beyond the technology they had in their day.

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