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Mary Occhino

Special Guest


Mary Occhino is a world-renowned psychic-intuitive medium, author, radio and live appcast host who provides guidance on relationships, health, family, career concerns, past lives and closure to those who have lost loved ones. A soul surfer through past-life readings and a spiritual advisor, Occhino brought her special intuitive gifts to radio as the former host of "Angels on Call" on Sirius-XM and to the Syfy reality show, "Mary Knows Best."

Her gifts as an energy channeler were tested by Dr. Gary Schwartz, director of The VERITAS Research Program of the Human Energy Systems Laboratory in the Department of Psychology at the University of Arizona. Her visionary ability has also been cited in numerous books on psychic ability and mediumship. Spiritual guru Dr. Deepak Chopra called Occhino an "intuitive explorer of consciousness," and she was a regular on his former satellite radio show.



Past Shows:

Insights of a Medium

Psychic medium Mary Occhino made her debut on the show, sharing her history, methodology and insights. In her initial experiments, decades ago, she used a Ouija board, and made contact with a benign spirit named "Quicksilver" who'd been a soldier in the Civil War.

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Host: George Noory

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