Thom Powell

Thom Powell


Thom Powell is a career science teacher, spending his entire teaching career in one oppressively small, poorly appointed, 1950’s era, converted kindergarten classroom at Robert Gray Middle School. Upon completing college with an honors degree in Environmental Education, Thom immigrated to Portland, Oregon, where he guided tours on rivers in California, Oregon and Idaho, while also teaching environmental science at a series of outdoor education centers around Portland. He responded to the lack of local river safety instruction by establishing his own kayaking school about the same time that he was hired as a science teacher for Portland Public Schools. His operation of River City Kayak School led to the acquisition of property along the Clackamas River in rural Clackamas County, outside Portland.



Past Shows:

  • Bigfoot Vortex / Subterranean Realms

    Joe Hauser, owner of the Montana Vortex, shared his views about vortexes and Bigfoot. Followed by Thom Powell, who continued the discussion of paranormal Bigfoot and his research of a subterranean realm.More »
  • Marilyn Declassified/ Bigfoot Research

    Paul Davids revealed newly declassified FBI and CIA files about Marilyn Monroe. Followed by Thom Powell with curious research about Bigfoot.More »
  • Supernatural Sasquatch

    Career science teacher, paranormal researcher, and Bigfoot expert, Thom Powell joined Connie Willis to discuss the many aspects of the phenomenon known as "Bigfoot" or "Sasquatch." Powell described little-known and high-strange examples of the entities communicating...More »

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