Supernatural Sasquatch

Supernatural Sasquatch


HostConnie Willis

GuestsThom Powell

For all four hours of Sunday's program, Connie Willis (email) welcomed eighth-grade science teacher, paranormal researcher, and Bigfoot hunter Thom Powell to the show to talk about his years of study and the connections he has made between his Bigfoot research and other aspects of the unknown. Powell described how he first became aware that the evidence for large, hairy hominids in North America was far more extensive than he first believed. Every time thought he could dismiss it, he said, "the evidence was better than I realized" which only increased his interest.

Although he teaches science, Powell does not believe that the Bigfoot enigma can be solved by using the methods of science alone. His opinion is that "it is anti-science, if anything" because the apparent intelligence of the entities does not allow researchers to be detached in their theories and observations. At one point, Powell had to ask himself if he wanted scientific evidence or personal understanding and decided that the only way to keep the research meaningful was to attempt to understand it, even if what he found couldn't be proved to the scientific community. Adapting a statement from famed anomaly researcher John Keel, he observed that "while you are studying them, they are studying you."

Willis and Powell discussed the phenomenon of apparent telepathic communication between Sasquatch hunters and the beings themselves. Both say that they have experienced this strange occurrence on multiple occasions in the wilderness. Powell uses messages he has received to inform his research. One was "quit trying to trick us," so he started to put away his camera equipment during expeditions and opened himself up to experience whatever would happen. He got further messages describing the Bigfoot society and way of life, as well as the fact that they would like to be called Sasquatch or "Forest People."

Later in the program, Powell discussed the parallels he sees between the Bigfoot enigma and other paranormal manifestations. He drew many comparisons with UFO close encounters and abductions: Bigfoot hunters and witnesses have experienced episodes of missing time, strange floating or darting balls of light, and those who can't seem to wake up a companion who is beside them as a late-night encounter is happening, as if they were "switched off." Also mentioned were the strange landforms known as "Mima Mounds" and Powell's observation that Bigfoot sightings seem to cluster around these enigmatic features. During call-ins, Don from British Columbia described his experience visiting a "campsite" of the creatures.



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