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Psychic Bob


Psychic Bob has been working with Spirit for over 30 years. His early years as a psychic were spent helping people who had haunted houses. As the years went on he was introduced to the Spiritualist Church and became a professional medium. Over the past 25 years he has helped countless thousands with his psychic readings and spiritual advice. Bob is fond of saying, 'We are all on a soul journey, and so we must view each other with compassion.' He loves to travel, teach classes, and seek out paranormal adventures, many of which are told in his various books. When not traveling and doing readings he loves to write, paint, and explore the mysteries of Wicca.



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Violent Bigfoot Encounters / Yeshua Codes
Violent Bigfoot Encounters / Yeshua Codes
Paranormal researcher William Sheehan reported on violent encounters with Bigfoot. Pastor Carl Gallups discussed his book, The Yeshua Protocol, which reveals Yeshua "codes" in the Old Testament and encoded in our DNA.
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