Randall Libero

Randall Libero


Randall Libero is the co-producer, writer, and supervising editor of the Behind the Icon podcast. He has been a producer and writer in media and broadcasting for over 30 years. He is currently an executive producer for many popular lifestyle and entertainment radio shows. Libero's connection with Marilyn Monroe began in 1986 when he was the cameraman and editor on a TV pilot about Marilyn Monroe with one of the biggest rumor mill authors, Robert Slater. In 2014, he executive produced a hit podcast with Nina Boski with over a million downloads.


Past Shows:

  • Marilyn Monroe's Death / Spirit Varieties

    Behind the Icon podcast producers Nina Boski and Randall Libero delved into the mysteries surrounding the death of Marilyn Monroe. Followed by psychic medium Michelle Welch, who discussed the variety of energetic beings around us and how to connect with them.More »

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