Richard Godfrey

Richard Godfrey


Richard Godfrey completed a Bachelor of Science at the University of Salford in Computer Science and Systems Engineering and a Post Graduate Diploma at the European Business School INSEAD in Paris. He has designed and successfully operated a number of avionic systems for a wide range of commercial and military aircraft including Boeing 747, Panavia Tornado, General Dynamics F-16 and LTV A7 Corsair. These avionic systems include autopilots, automatic landing systems and flight management systems. He was the lead engineer for the integration and test of the European Space Agency Spacelab with the NASA Space Shuttle. In this capacity, he designed and implemented an engineering simulator of the NASA Space Shuttle.

Richard was a founding member of the MH370 Independent Group investigating the disappearance of MH370 since 2014. He has published 59 papers and presentations on MH370, including both flight and drift models.


Past Shows:

  • MH370 Mystery / 2023 Predictions & Miracles

    Aerospace engineer Richard Godfrey shared his latest findings about the disappearance of MH370 in 2014. Followed by psychic medium Joyce Keller with predictions and insights for the new year.More »

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