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In the first half, author and editor Kristen Van Uden spoke about biblical and literary interpretations of the Antichrist, as well as accounts of Catholics who lived behind the Iron Curtain and in Cuba and the lengths they went to practice their faith in secret and defy persecution under communist rule. Communist regimes have oppressed a variety of religions, not just Catholicism, she said, citing the striking example of the Dalai Lama being exiled from Tibet when China took over the country. She interviewed a man from Slovakia who worked with an underground church during the Stalin era when all of the churches were shut down or taken over by the state and repurposed. Thousands of monks, nuns, and religious followers were rounded up and either deported, forced into labor, or killed, she detailed. 

The Antichrist is often represented as a very alluring figure, and that's why he is able to trick so many (90% of the population according to biblical prophecy). "He is a master of deception," and in the novel "Lord of the World," he is depicted as a famous politician and media star. Scriptural evidence shows that the Antichrist will know and embrace their designation, and it will be a human who has accepted this role rather than the devil incarnate, she noted. Van Uden does not think the Antichrist is on the planet now; prophecies indicate there will be numerous omens, including chaos, war, earthquakes, fires from the sky, and pestilence, that signal his arrival. An alien invasion conspiracy involving false salvation may play a role in the Antichrist's deception, she added. 


Psychic intuitive counselor Robert Lindsy Milne has traveled the world, giving insight to thousands of people. In the latter half, he discussed highlights from his long career as a psychic and teacher. Milne also shared a set of predictions for 2024:

  • Donald Trump will not be successful in his presidential run due to court convictions, and will not get the Republican nomination.
  • Joe Biden will not be elected in the next race; rather, the next US president will be someone who is just coming into the forefront now and will most likely be a woman.
  • Middle East struggles will continue until August 2024, but by February, things will somewhat be back to "normal" in Israel with all the remaining hostages returned.
  • Putin will be overthrown in 2024, and possibly have "an issue in his sleep." He will be off the political stage by September. The conflict in Ukraine will see fighting move more toward the center of Russia.
  • France will have a new leader, and Germany will suffer from terrorism problems.

"Being psychic is a normal, natural instinctive process that almost every human being has," Milne commented. Our psychic senses come from feelings, emotions, and sensitivities, and very little deep thinking is involved, he continued. "And once we learn to trust those instincts and feelings, we can take it anywhere." During the last hour, he offered readings to callers.

News segment guests: Charles R. Smith, Sandra Champlain


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