Gary Salyer

Gary Salyer


Dr. Gary Salyer is an avid student of psychology and marriage and family relations. He graduated with a double major from Anderson University, with honors in Psychology. This combination of psychology with marriage and family relations has always been his true life calling. Eventually, he would work in the mental health field supporting families and children in crisis before pursuing his doctoral studies. Gary was a teacher at both the undergraduate and graduate levels before taking his passion for love and relationships to the next level. Dr. Salyer comes to relationship coaching as a Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner. For the past five years, Gary has had a busy private practice helping people transform their lives and find a way to be safe with love.


Past Shows:

  • Family Constellations/ Quantum Codes

    Dr. Gary Salyer talked about his work with family constellations. Robert Williams discussed quantum codes which can unlock natural energies and healing.More »

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