David Darling

David Darling


David Darling is an English science writer, living in Dundee, Scotland, who has a PhD in astronomy from the University of Manchester. He is the author of about 50 books on everything from life in the universe to the nature of consciousness. Most recently he’s written a series of books on the mysteries of mathematics, called Weird Maths. His website has been a widely used scientific resource on the Internet for the past 20 years. He also composes and plays music with a cosmic theme and has put out an album called 'Songs of the Cosmos.'




Past Shows:

  • Trend Forecasting / Space & Cosmology

    Gerald Celente shared trends on the horizon, and offered commentary on the pandemic. Followed by David Darling reporting on space discoveries and cosmology.More »
  • Space News & Theories/ Implanted with Devices

    David Darling talked about the origins of the universe.Michael Fitzhugh Bell updated his story of being a "targeted individual."More »
  • Virtual Reality/ Other Dimensions

    Peter Rubin detailed mind-blowing developments in virtual reality. Followed by David Darling on other dimensions and parallel worlds.More »
  • Robert the Haunted Doll / Space News

    In the first half, ghosthunter and paranormal researcher David L. Sloan, who founded one of North America's first ghost tours in Key West, discussed his relationship with Robert the Haunted Doll, as well as some of the fascinating history and lore associated with him. In...More »
  • Malibu Mysteries / Space & Catastrophes

    In the first half, editor of Unicus Magazine, Robert Stanley, discussed anomalous structures off the coast of Malibu, as well as underground bases, dimensional portals, and UFO sightings in the area. In the latter half, UK astronomer and science writer David Darling shared...More »
  • Cataclysms / Energy Tech.

    In the first half, author and astronomer David Darling discussed the plausibility of various scenarios which could fulfill doomsday predictions for the end of the Mayan calendar including near-Earth asteroids, devastating pandemics, and solar kill shots. In the latter half,...More »
  • Megacatastrophes

    Filling in for George Noory, John B. Wells was joined for the entire program by British astronomer Dr. David Darling for a discussion about some strange ways our world could be brought to a 'megacatastrophic' end.More »
  • Megacatastrophes

    Appearing during the middle two hours, author and astronomer David Darling talked about a variety of strange ways the Earth and its inhabitants could meet with a sudden and unexpected end, with some possibilities more probable than others. First hour guest Philip Margo, a...More »
  • ET Life & Astrobiology

    Author and astronomer David Darling discussed why he believes that extraterrestrial life is astrobiological fact and for persuasive evidence of microbial life, we need look no further than our celestial neighbor, Mars. Last hour guest, reporter Greg Hunter offered analysis...More »
  • The Universe, Origins, & Teleportation

    Astrobiologist and astronomer Dr. David Darling discussed evolution and the origins of the universe, as well as such topics as NDEs, ET contact, teleportation and the particle accelerator at CERN.More »
  • Space, Gravity & NASA

    In the middle two hours of the show,astrobiologist and astronomer Dr. David Darling spoke about cosmic mysteries such as dark energy, the "red rain" phenomenon which fell in India, and the danger of asteroids.More »
  • The Dual Soul

    Researcher into afterlife phenomena and theology, Peter Novak presented his theory of the binary soul doctrine.More »
  • Space & the Universe

    Astrobiologist & astronomer Dr. David Darling discussed a variety of topics related to space, technology and the universe. On a large scale,gravity is the most important force in the universe and is the key to where we're going in the future, he said. "Dark energy," that causes...More »
  • Teleportation: Coming Soon

    Science author David Darling presented an update on the remarkable evolution of teleportation. The process of beaming matter from one location to another, he said, has moved from the realms of science fiction into reality, with the first serious experiments begun in the 1990s....More »
  • Theories of Iapetus

    Richard C. Hoagland of Enterprise Mission and astronomer David Darling discussed Richard's new theory about Saturn's moon, Iapetus. With a diameter of around 900 miles, Saturn's third largest moon has a number of noteworthy properties, Hoagland detailed. It has a dark side that...More »
  • Aliens in the Solar System

    British astronomer David Darling shared his thoughts on the possibility of extraterrestrial life in the solar system. According to him, scientists have tended to focus the search for alien intelligence by scanning radio signals from other stars. Darling, however, believes...More »
  • That's So Strange...

    Friday's "Strange Happenings" Hotline started with a bang when the first caller told George about a 4-foot black snake that fell out of a clear sky and onto the hood of his car. Another caller described an alien abduction event that occurred while he was visiting Mexico in 1992....More »
  • Metaphysical Communications

    Paranormal experiencer and author, Robert Perala shared his personal history and theories regarding the unusual communications he receives. He said he gets a lot of information while in a hypnagogic state (between awake and asleep), and that the Earth is on the cusp of a great...More »
  • Scientific Quests

    Author and astronomer David Darling touched on a wide range of scientific topics, from life in the universe, to the human spiritual quest. "We're directly connected with the cosmos," in that we are literally made from stardust, he noted.More »
  • Life in the Universe

    David Darling, an astronomer, author, and expert on astrobiology was the main guest on Monday night's show. He commented on a wide palette of topics concerning science, space and life in the universe. "You could have a whole different scale and it would still work," Darling said...More »

Last Night

Life After Death
Life After Death
Dr. Leo Ruickbie shared his perspectives on life after death, consciousness, and the paranormal. The final hour of the program was devoted to Open Lines.


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