Vir McCoy

Vir McCoy


Vir McCoy grew up in Los Angeles, Ca. and lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years.  Vir is a teacher, healer, author, lecturer, musician, and ecologist.  Vir has the brain of a scientist and the soul of an artist, which has made for good company.  As an ecologist, Vir works as a Field Biologist and botanist with endangered species and restoration.  As a healer, Vir works as a bodyworker, teaches workshops, and lectures on healing. 

He has a vast knowledge of herbs, homeopathics, and antibiotics. As a musician, Vir played with the award-winning world music band Hamsa Lila.  Vir also was a member of Mickey Hart (of The Grateful Dead) Band for a short stint.  Many know Vir from his YouTube musical comedy videos and his children’s music, as well as his work as a songwriter. Vir is an avid surfer and lives with his wife Heather in Los Angeles, CA.



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Sleep Paralysis / Paranormal Travel
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