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Date Host George Noory
Guests Jeffrey Mishlove, Steve Quayle

Jeffrey Mishlove, Director of the Intuition Network, shared his new research on afterlife communications. Evidence for the survival of consciousness after death comes from a variety of sources, he said, which include apparitions, mediums, NDEs, reincarnation cases, and EVPs. "Cross-correspondence," where several different mediums all receive messages from a deceased person is a particularly strong indicator, he noted.

In fact, Mishlove said the late parapsychologist Elizabeth Targ had contacted several people since her death, including himself. (The subject of Targ's afterlife communications will be addressed at this weekend's Summer Solstice conference in Las Vegas hosted by the Intuition Network.) Mishlove also discussed an unusual case known as the "The Watseka Wonder," which occurred in Illinois in the late 1800's, and concerned a deceased 10-year old girl, who took over the body of another girl for a number of months. Further details are here (scroll down).

Mishlove said he doesn't believe in the concept of evil, which he thinks is fostered by religious dogma. As an alternative to exorcisms, he suggested "De-Possession Therapy," where inhabiting spirits are coaxed to leave. Mishlove also commented on callers' experiences, which included a woman who said she saw an apparition of Abe Lincoln while taking a shower, and another woman who was convinced she was the reincarnation of John Wilkes Booth.

Spotlight on: Shafica

George Noory wasn't the first in his family to delve into the paranormal. His late aunt, Shafica Karagulla M.D. was a Los Angeles-based psychiatrist who became fascinated with brain states and consciousness, and in her seminal work, Breakthrough to Creativity, she wrote about how each person could access higher states of awareness. In his latest monthly column for UFO Magazine, George writes about his first out-of-body experience, and the conversations that followed with his Aunt that led him into further investigations of the paranormal. Additional books authored or co-authored by Shafica Karagulla include: The Chakras and the Human Energy Fields and Through the Curtain.

Quayle Commentary

First hour guest, Steve Quayle commented on the possible movement of Iranian troops to the Iraq Border, suggesting that Iran may be trying to provoke the US into a war. This could be fueled by China, which he declared is arming both Iran and North Korea with weapons of mass destruction.

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