Sex and the Occult

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Date Host Art Bell
Guests Evelyn Paglini

Parapsychologist and practicing witch Dr. Evelyn Paglini returned to the show to discuss various occult aspects of sexuality. She listed techniques that people can use to attract others to them, using either imitative (a picture of a person) or sympathetic (article of clothing, hair, nails) forms of magic. To create a link or binding to the desired person, the practitioner should combine the object or image with a red wax figure candle, in a ritual that calls in the element of fire, she detailed.

There are various types of supernatural sexual molestations that are performed by human astral projectors as well as demonic entities known as succubi and incubi, Paglini continued, adding that both these types of attacks were on the rise. In the case of the demonic encounters, she said they often start off comforting but over time become more violent and draining. These spirit creatures feed off the life force or Kundalini energy, she noted.

Paglini offered a number of methods people can use to protect themselves or stop paranormal assaults. A variety of items can be placed in the bedroom or the bed which include essential oils of rose geranium or rosemary, sea salt or black salt, and holy water. Gemstones such as quartz crystals can be placed at the four corners of the bed and the room should also receive a sage cleansing. These agents, she explained, give off a particular vibration that is useful in repelling attacks.

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